Image of Fire Extinguisher Identity Labels

Fire Extinguisher Identity Labels

We recommend that you attach self adhesive photoluminescent signs on each of your fire extinguishers (they should be placed on a clear area so that they do not obscure any information or instructions printed on the extinguisher). These signs show on which category of fire a certain fire extinguisher can or cannot be used.

Typically these signs would be used to identify fire extinguishers in areas where fire has damaged electrical wiring causing the lighting to fail, and when the extinguisher is removed from its position to tackle a fire and the wall sign cannot be seen.

There is a specific sign available for each type of fire extinguisher. Our manufacturer is Jalite, the UK’s leading emergency sign manufacturer.

Please note: Application of these signs is entirely voluntary and not a requirement

Self Adhesive Vinyl Photoluminescent (glow-in-the dark) Exceptional high brightness within the first few minutes Improved material technology - improved ageing and weathering performance Conspicuous signs that can be clearly seen and read in total darkness JALITE AAA material stays brighter for longer than P.S.P.A. Class A materials: expect 3-4 times the luminance performance All signs 49 x 130mm Conform to BS 5378-1, BS 5378-3 and BS ISO 3864-1 : 2011 These signs are suitable for areas with a regular source of light, as the light will ‘charge’ the signs. The signs will then shine bright should the power supply fail

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